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Unlocking students' potential by redefining how they approach their studies, and offering them a supportive ecosystem for academic excellence.

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The story behind us

At just 17, Tom (founder) embarked on a mission to revolutionise student success. Fuelled by personal struggles, he founded Studis to address the shortcomings in study tools. Through innovation, he created a platform that empowers fellow students. Studis stands as a testament to youthful determination, inspiring students globally to embrace their full potential.

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The mission behind all our work

Our main goal is simple yet powerful: to help students do their best in their studies. We're focused on making study management easier, showing effective ways to learn, and guiding students to keep improving. With a strong passion for education and a drive to try new things, this goal is the foundation of everything we do at Studis – it's what inspires us to create helpful tools, improve them, and keep moving forward.

The values that drive
everything we do

Discover the essence of Studis through our guiding values. These principles drive our mission to empower students and create a vibrant, supportive learning community.

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Constantly seeking new and better ways to enhance studying, we embrace innovation as a cornerstone of our approach.

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We believe in giving students the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their academic journey and succeed.

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We center our focus on the community, connecting with users to shape solutions that enhance their experience and contribute to collective growth.

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Committed to excellence, we provide students top-tier resources, guidance, and experiences for their growth.

Leadership team

Meet the visionary behind Studis, dedicated to shaping your ultimate study companion.

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